Eye specialist in Bainbridge

Eye Specialist in Bainbridge

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Medical eye exams in Bainbridge

Eye specialist in Bainbridge
Eye specialist in Bainbridge

Thanks for checking out Chagrin Valley optometrist, where our eye specialist in Bainbridge provides patients with the best in medical eye exams as well as comprehensive eye tests and vision tests. A comprehensive exam is designed to check the eye for any diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts. A glaucoma test is done using a certain tool which measures the pressure in the eye. We will also check to see if there any vision issues that need correcting. If the patient exhibits any, we will then do a vision test to check level of near or farsightedness, and prescribe a prescription if needed. We have a wide range of glasses and contact lenses available for sale. Ask one of our friendly staff members more about how they can help you pick out a pair that’s right for you.

A yearly medical eye exam is an important part of a good, established eye care regimen. Annual exams can help detect eye disease early on, check for slight changes in vision, and test for eye conditions. It’s also a good idea to have your prescription updated every year to avoid wearing the wrong prescription for too long. Many people suffer from vision loss and need the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. We offer a wide range of contact lenses in hard and soft types, and eyeglasses as well as frames, in every budget range. Your eye exam should be an important part of your wellness regimen, and should be conducted annually with our eye specialist in Bainbridge.

Children should have their eyes checked with our eye specialist in Bainbridge as infants and then again before entering school. As kids go through school, it’s important that their vision be up to par. Vision problems can cause issues with learning, development in school and playing sports.

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