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Eye Test 44023

Eye Doctor nearĀ 44023

Eye test 44023

Eye test 44023

Here at Chagrin Valley Optometrists, we make your vision and your eye health top priorities, and that means a variety of eye test 44023 with the purpose of evaluating both to the highest degree of accuracy. Among them are a slit lamp exam, refraction assessment, visual acuity test, indirect ophthalmoscopy, and tonometry.

A visual acuity test is centered around having you read from an eye chart. Although the charts have changed over the years, the value of the test itself remains the same. It’s a key aspect of gauging your current vision. Similarly, a refraction assessment, in which our optometrist will try a variety of different lenses over your eyes to determine which offers you the maximum visual advantages, is part of the foundation of our eye test 44023. The point is to decide if you need prescription lenses, and if so exactly what level of prescription is ideal for offering you the most sharp an clear vision. If you currently wear eyeglasses or contacts, bring them in with you to be tested with and without. Other parts of our eye test in 44023 revolve around the detection of common eye diseases; ones which are not associated with any obvious symptoms until they have progressed to a more advanced stage. As such, tonometry for glaucoma and a slit lamp exam for cataracts act as baseline tests, in which our optometrist can find indications of them early when treatment is most effective. And for retinal diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, indirect ophthalmoscopy is a way to find signs that would not be evident to you.

Why not contact us to schedule our eye test 44023 right now? It’s not difficult to maintain optimal vision and a high degree of optical wellness, but it does require periodic attention from our eye doctor.

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