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Chagrin Falls Optometrist

Eye care services in Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls optometrist

Chagrin Falls optometrist

From routine eye exams and screenings to addressing acute problems and emergency care, you can count on us at Chagrin Falls Optometrist for all of your eye care needs, with a variety of essential services.

Everyone should have a comprehensive eye exam once per year. This is partially to ensure that your vision needs are being properly addressed, and also to determine if there are any indications of common eye diseases, which do not present any symptoms during their early stages. Our Chagrin Falls optometrist is pleased to employ advanced technology that charts changes in your eyes from year to year and identifies issues sooner than ever before. We don’t just provide eye care services for adults, however. Did you know that all children should get their first eye exam at 6 months of age? We’re committed to making certain that your child is enjoying optimal vision and that any typical childhood eye conditions, such as lazy eye or crossed eyes, are handles promptly. And whether related to the season or a chronic condition, our Chagrin Falls optometrist will evaluate and treat dry eyes. Urgent needs, which include the results of injuries or accidents, and any symptoms that are concerning (pain, redness, sudden vision loss), are also taken care of. We do screenings for glaucoma and macular degeneration; offer vision therapy for problems that cannot be managed effectively with corrective lenses; and we even have the state-of-the-art Ortho-K, which are special contacts you wear while you sleep, which provide the same benefits as LASIK but without undergoing surgery. And speaking of contact lenses, special examinations are required to ascertain that you will be able to experience comfort and avoid complications like irritation, inflammation, and infection when you put them in.

In short, we’re your source for eyeglasses and contacts, but also much, much more. Call us at Chagrin Falls Optometrist to schedule an appointment for an eye examination.

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