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Bainbridge Contact Lenses

Contact lens exams and fittings in Bainbridge

Bainbridge contact lenses

Bainbridge contact lenses

Thank you for visiting Chagrin Valley Optometrists. We offer the best in Bainbridge contact lenses and can schedule contact lens exams and fittings for you at our offices. Patients should come in at least once a year for a contact lens exam to update their prescription. Although prescriptions for glasses can go out for longer than a year, a contact lens prescription only goes for a year before it expires.

Your first contact lens exam will be in our offices and is an easy appointment. We will do a comprehensive exam in which we check for any eye diseases or any other type of disturbance that may happen in the eye, as well as a test for vision correction. Most patients who suffer from vision correction problems have either nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. All of these common vision conditions can be corrected with contact lenses or eyeglasses. Your contact lens prescription is done in office and given to you on site. We carry a wide range of designer brand names in both contacts and eyeglasses. Your contact lens fitting is a special test that measures the circumference and diameter of the eye in order to properly fit comfortable lenses in.

Besides Bainbridge contact lenses, we provide other important eye services such as pre and post operative cataract care, fittings for specialty contact lenses, emergency eye care and treatment of eye infection and dry eye. We also treat myopia and provide vision therapy for patients with specific eye problems. For over 26 years we’ve been serving the area with the best in eye care and eye services, exceeding expectations and continually treating patients with individual, caring attention. We’re open Monday through Saturday, 6 days a week, to give patients the chance to schedule appointments that work for them, on their schedules.

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