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Chagrin Falls Optometry Office

Comprehensive eye care in Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls optometry office

Chagrin Falls optometry office

Comprehensive eye care means getting a vision test, but also a lot more than that. Here at Chagrin Valley Optometrists, your vision is a high priority for us, but so is your eye health. That’s why we screen you for common eye diseases. Contact lens exams, urgent eye care, and treatment for chronic dry eyes are also part of our complete list of services. And we are pleased to use modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Visual changes are always occurring. And even if you didn’t need corrective lenses a year ago, or you were prescribed a pair of eyeglasses or contacts at that time, you may need a new or updated prescription now so that you can see your very best. In order to make that determination, our Chagrin Falls optometry office conducts various tests, including the familiar ones where you read from an eye chart and have your vision checked with various strength lenses. Of course, we are also pleased to have a full optical department. So you can have your lenses made here, and be certain that they will be crafted to the utmost of precision, in keeping with our commitment to only the highest quality. Common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. They all have different causes, risk factors, and symptoms, but share one essential quality: in their early stages, there are no signs to alert you to their presence. That’s why our Chagrin Falls optometry office highly recommends a yearly screening. Early detection is closely linked to the best outcomes. And any damage to your eyes or loss of vision that could result from the advancement of such conditions may not be reversible.

It’s an ideal time to schedule an eye exam with us. Call our Chagrin Falls optometry office and set one up today.

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